Giuseppe was born in Caltanissetta, CL, Italy on April 7th 1994.
From a very early age he approached work with dedication and curiosity. At the age of 13 he made his first video-tests.

From 2016 he went to Milan to follow the course of Corporate Cinema at the “Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia”. After a short time, he had several jobs as DOP and Operator, as well as having the opportunity to participate in large film and advertising sets. A pupil of Luca Robecchi, he is passionate about the technique of “the Table Top”. In this field, he takes care of photography of the last publicity spots for Fico Eataly World, produced by CSC Milano and realized thanks to the technical collaboration of the specialized studio Table Spot in Milan.

Fico Eataly World - Calvè - Sony Music - Sugar Music - Rothesay - Vodafone - Warner Music - Crieri - Mini - Crodino

Awards for "Là dove c'è troppa Luce"
  • Oniros Film Award June Monthly Edition [Winner] (2018) Best Cinematography
  • Oniros Film Award Best of Year [Winner] (2018) Best Cinematography
  • The Monthly Film Festival September Award [Winner] (2018) Cinematographer of the Month
  • The Monthly Film Festival September Award [Nominee] (2018) Film of the Month


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